October 27, 2010

CIPR Presidential Debate - PR Trends & Issues!


Rob Brown and Sally Sykes - the two candidates for CIPR President-Elect for 2011 - go head to head in a Question Time-style debate over their hopes and plans for the Institute. Putting them through their paces is the regular presenter Philip Sheldrake. The CIPR's new CEO, Jane Wilson, introduces the proceedings and asks the first question. The pressure is well and truly on, with eligible CIPR members having until noon, 19 November, to make up their mind as to who to elect. 

PR professionals are good at planning debates. PR professionals are even better at participating! CIPR Presidential Debate  presents an overview of current trends and issues in the PR industry. What is the future of the PR profession? PR students will have  an opportunity for career success and development if they read, learn and practice. PR students need to be up to date with the latest trends in the industry!

(CIPR Presidential Debate - video below)

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