October 06, 2010

What Does It Take to Make It in PR? (interview)

Be Proactive! Be Persistent!

Mark Ragan sits down with Silvia Davi, VP Corporate Communications - NASDAQ; Alayna Francis, VP Communications - Swiss Re; and Gemma Craven, Senior VP - Ogilvy to discuss the skills needed to make it in the PR world.  Why women make up 70% of the PR industry? Those and more answers in the video-interview.

3 Key Attributes the aspiring PR professional needs to know:
  1. How to balance clients' requests
  2. How to engage / work with individuals
  3. How to manage interpersonal relations

4 Key Qualities of PR professionals:
  1. Social media understanding
  2. Good writing skills
  3. Curiosity
  4. Creativity

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Anonymous said...

It's very important to be proactive in PR. If you don't do it then somebody else will!