November 14, 2010

And the Future of PR is ... ?

Social Media Logos
Adam Singer, TopRank Online Marketing, interviews Lisa Buyer, The Buyer Group, at SES Toronto 2010 on the subject of the future of PR. 
With the introduction of social media, PR agencies no longer need to solely rely on the press release.
The press release and the advent of social media applications have created many more opportunities for companies to have a voice online with their markets. 
The journalism profession is rapidly changing and the way PR professionals and journalists are communicating continues to evolve. 
Lisa cites several new online tools both PR and journalism professionals can use such as Pitch Engine and the twitter chat session called #journchat, which offers real-time chats between PR and journalism professionals once a week to discuss the latest media trends.
It's still about the relationships that PR professionals create with their sources, including journalists and bloggers!

(full interview below)

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