February 28, 2011

What is the big society anyway... and how will it affect you?

Bell Pottinger's Claire Cater and CIPR CEO Jane Wilson get to grips with the Big Society and how changes to Government policy could impact PR professionals on CIPR TV on Wednesday 2 February.

'The Big Society' is the Coalition Government's policy centre piece, claiming to be an historic transfer of power and accountability from central government to local government and communities. It impacts on the corporate, third and public sector as well as on the communities and individuals who will be affected by the radical shake-up it means in local public services.

This presents communicators in all sectors with a number of challenges, not least remaining in touch with the issues and stakeholders that inform 'The Big Society' in terms of policy development. It could also present opportunities for organisations who embrace a networked approach to delivery and to those who place a premium on local relationships and corporate social responsibility. It could present further issues in areas such as internal communications.

So now is the time to sort out the myths from the realities and explore exactly what 'The Big Society' means for the PR profession at large.

Jane Wilson is the Chief Executive Officer of the CIPR. Jane is a respected communications expert with over 15 years' experience in senior corporate communications, public relations and marketing roles in public, private and not for profit organizations.

Claire Cater runs the Brand Democracy Network across the Bell Pottinger Group and specialises in helping clients with major challenges or ambitious change programmes. She has recently developed the Big Public Forum which brings together organisations and their stakeholders to plan and co-design services and products. She has a particular expertise in social marketing/behaviour change and is currently writing The Rough Guide to Big Society.

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