July 30, 2010

Tips for Client/Agency Relationship

Focus on:

  • effective expectations management
  • partnership
  • shared values
  • understanding

Try fair and effective!

In business relationships honesty plays a vital role - smart people notice double-standards & mixed emotions.

Flexibility - embrace change and let go. The outcomes of change are positive in the long-run, so apply your strategic judgement to the current situation, find the best solution that works now.

"The only constant is change" (Isaac Asimov) - evolve strategies as circumstances change.

Creativity - some ideas may move us away from our comfort zone but usually those are the ideas that work.

Work as a team - keep each other informed, share a sense of common mission. Neither the client, nor the agency should openly claim total expertise in the area of the other.

Appreciate the other side’s strengths and weaknesses & benefit from them - don't make performance evaluations when targets are at stake.

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