August 03, 2010

"I hate Mondays" - the name of Ineffective Internal Communications

  • what needs to be communicated to staff

  • when it should be communicated

  • how it should be communicated

Problems in Internal Communications

1. If I know it, then everyone must know it. Leaders' and managers' assumption that because they know some information, than everyone else knows it, too. Usually staff aren't aware.

2. We hate bureaucracy - we're "lean and mean." Increasing confusion may be caused when there are no archives of communication practices within the company.

3. I told everyone, or some people, or ...? Managers assume that communication just happens; as a result they're not aware of what they told to whom.

4. Did you hear what I meant for you to hear? Diverse workforce needs specific communication approach so that all employees understand the same information in the same way.

5. Our problems are too big to have to listen to each other!

6. So what's to talk about?

7. If I need your opinion, I'll tell it to you. Without constant feedback, management can’t control the stability of the internal company climate and job performance.

Result of Ineffective Internal Communications
(video below)

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